'The Bachelor' 2014 News: Renee Oteri Already Has a Boyfriend

Last night on The Bachelor 2014 fans saw Renee Oteri get sent home. A lot of people felt sorry for her, but Reality Steve is now revealing that you shouldn't feel bad for long. She has already moved on from Juan Pablo Galavis just fine and actually even has a boyfriend. The filming ended in October so it was about four months ago if you feel like she is moving too fast.Here is what Steve had to say today, "Don't feel bad for Renee. She has a boyfriend now. It's addressed at the WTA." That means that next week fans will hear about it and might even find out who it is that she is dating. It is great that she has moved on but that also spoils that she won't be the woman handing out roses on The Bachelorette 2014.Fans are really excited to hear that Renee Oteri has moved on to someone new and were replying to Steve wishing her the best. Don't forget a new episode of The Bachelor 2014 will air tonight on ABC.