The Awesome Clairvoyant Education

I don't normally dabble in the occult, or things like hypnotherapy or psychic connection, but I've always been interested in learning these things, so when there was this class opening up in the downtown area, I was all over this like a ton of bricks.
As soon as I walked into the class room, I knew this was going to be a lesson I'd remember forever, and sure enough, as soon as I sat down, the trainer completely baffled us with her masterful use of incredible hypnotism.
Now, I've studied hypnotherapy before, and this impressive stuff was like nothing I'd ever experienced before, and before long the whole lesson was building these extremely clairvoyant expertise that were blowing away any previous expectations.
The reason it was so highly effective was she was able to dip into our minds, and then mix them together in the center of the room using all of our various feelings, so that we become some kind of super human entity that was beyond all thought and ideas of natural expressions.
But the funny thing was that after she'd mixed all of our ideas together, she put them back into our heads without reversing the process, which is precisely whey we can read each other's minds now.
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Not only that, but now I'm a superb conversationalist.
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