The Awesome Berry Stand

I went buying with these insane females a couple of weeks ago, and they told me they knew this amazing growers marketplace that was filled with all kinds of crazy vegetables that supposedly had remarkable wellbeing benefits.
While I do always get to, I try to eat as wholesome as I can whenever I can, so the thought of consuming some tomatoes or something else equally tasty made me wonder about precisely how I was going to go about doing this kind of thing.
When we got there, there was a unexpected man selling these really odd tomatoes, so unusual that they didn't even look red, and they didn't even look round.
But just as I was about to break down in tears from tomato unhappiness, this dude shows up and starts promoting his pumpkins, which of course are the next best thing to tomatoes.
For example, pumpkin pie is long thought to be a really impressive wellness foods, one that can help cure lots of illnesses and ill tips.
But the price of the pumpkins were so incredibly cheap that I thought maybe they were stolen or something, or maybe they were made in China or something.
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But these pumpkins were some of the most delightful things I've ever ingested in my entire life.
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Just How I Found Intellect Handle Techniques
So this guys arrives up to me a couple days ago while I was creating in my journal in that espresso shop that's got the pretty waitress that I like, and he starts chatting to me about some of joint venture.
Now, this isn't the first time this has happened to me, and the more you understand that issues come in pairs or even threes, you start to suspect that there's some much deeper forces at work.
I was in my residence not too long ago and this man walked right into my home and started marketing me this flooring clean which I'm rather sure was made out of outlawed substance that maybe he mined from the closed copper intellect at the advantage of town.
Of course, when you're speaking to adorable girls, especially for the first - self confidence - time, it's always a good idea to keep issues light and easy, as the a lot more you merely loosen up and go with the flow, the much more you'll be able to naturally recognize what is really going on, and all of these points will start to make a lot a lot more sense.
Once upon a time I was looking for these impressive concepts and instead of thought I located some cotton candy in my brain.
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One time that pretty girl thought I was homeless and gave me some money out of the tip jar, but that's another story completely.
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Underwater Period Journey
Once upon a period I was with some buddies of mine on some strong sea vessel, only the fish weren't participating, so we decided to go diving instead.
We dove strong under the water, and started looking around for some treasure or something, and found this sunken dispatch.
The ship seemed to beckon us, even though it was just sitting there, it seemed to be calling to us in this creepy way that foretold our imminent doom or some insane thing like that.
The outside of the deliver was made out of wood, and it was about two hundred years old, but the inside was made out of this composite metal or graphite material that hadn't even been conceived yet, which was a sign of obvious alien technologies.
There was even this insane machine that had all of these electrodes coming out of it, and since we were truly not sure what was going on, we quite much just went with the flow, even if it spelled certain doom for all of humanity.
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Naturally, as we got back to our deliver, we found that time had stood still. Or maybe it was all just a hallucination.
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