The Astonishing Divine University

So a pal of mine called me up a couple of weeks ago, and said he was taking this intriguing training, but he wanted me to take it with him since he's kind of a self conscious guy.
So we show up at the program, and right away the coach starts speaking in this crazy hypnotherapy language where we don't even know what he's saying, but everybody is suddenly feeling really, actually good.
Of course, I've read many books on hypnotism, and I'm quite sure that I've at least been exposed to the most typical varieties, but this professor was using a form that seemed to pre-date the ancient Egyptians, which is pretty wild since they had to write everything on stone tables.
She reached into our brains, and pulled out our feelings like some of impact pan and mixed them together in the front of the room as if she was making some kind of casserole or something, and we become tied in with each other's views.
But what made things even more crazy, was when she put the feelings back into our heads, it was usually ours plus some mix of some other person's ideas, and because this class went on for a while, it was quite incredible how much mental ability we developed.
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What's more, most of us have lost all degrees of shyness on a deep level.
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The Remarkable Living Dead Devastation
My buddy convinced me a couple weeks ago to start up this pool cleansing business with him, and he told me it would be easy cash, and we wouldn't have to work very hard.
Now, on the exterior, this seems pretty good. All you've got to do is show up at people's houses with some big long scoop, and get all the junk out of their paddling pool, and get paid, but this one job nearly got us killed and locked in a horrid world of mania.
It started when this guy called us from this home way up in the hills, and said that his paddling pool was super dirty, and he expected us to take a full week to clean it, but he would pay us a lot.
We show up at this guys house, and he's got all these dead men and women flying in his pool. He said we were to leave them there, since he was expecting them to wake up soon.
Not only that, but he told us he wanted the zombies to stay, but he wanted us to clean up all the junk that was floating around them.
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Of course, when they started running after us with their clean enamel it only got even worse.
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The Traumatic Bafflement
I went to this gathering in my community a couple of weeks ago, and they gal who invited me told me it was going to be a style bash, but - subliminal perception - she didn't give me any more information.
So I showed up, thinking maybe everybody was going to be dressed like buccaneers or something, but it turned out that the style of the celebration was hypnosis, and everybody was using hypnosis on everybody else.
As soon as I entered into a deep state of trance, which was beautiful much right away, I started entering into more and more states of hypnosis, since this was obviously much bigger than I'd expected.
It kind of reminded me of this article I was looking at when suddenly the topic took a odd turn, and I had no idea what was going on or where I'd gotten to where I was.
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Which is kind of the way I felt at the celebration, because as soon as I figured out what I thought was going on, somebody would run some game on me and I'd be even more baffled than ever.
The best part was that every room had these delectable snacks, so everybody was always filled with good food.
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The Odd Hypnotherapy Residence
So the other day I was out jogging my canine when I bumped into my very beautiful neighbor, and she told me that she was starting her own hypnotism business in her home, and that I could come and let her use trance on my misinterpreted head.
Now, I must admit, I've some pretty complicated problems that have been wandering around up in my mind for a long time, and I would certainly let that beautiful voice go in and rearrange things for me, so I decided to let her run a few experiments on my mind.
So I was sitting in her attic when she started the hypnosis wizardry, and before you could say parmesan cheese hoagie, she was spinning some lovely stories in my mind with that attractive voice of hers.
Naturally, when those things started to swirl around in my mind, it was effortless for me to see how quickly these ideas of hypnotherapy can bubble up inside your mind and make yourself feel astonishingly happy and resilient, so much that nothing can stop you.
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The great thing that all these stories that were going on helped me to find out some outstanding things about life, and how to live it to maximum abundance and skill, which you can do also.
The great thing is that the more I started to live my life after that wonderful experience, the more I found that this was the secret of my own contribution.
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