The Amazing Forest

I've always loved the exterior, and when my good good friends invited me to a hiking getaway to some unexplored territory in the central jungles of the south, I jumped at the chance.
Obviously, this didn't end up being a normal backpacking excursion. This ended up being one of the most important discoveries of mankind, and I'm only now starting to remember what actually happened.
This ridiculous rainforest was so isolated, and they didn't have any roadways or bridges or airports, so the only way to get there was to parachute in, since the place was encased by such high hills.
When we came ashore, right away there was this welcoming party, only they weren't humans, they were some kind of critters that seemed to be very innovative from when humankind and chimps split off from a common ancestor many, many years ago.
They had all sorts of divine powers, and revealed some things that earlier generations might describe as witchcraft.
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They were also willing to teach us all of these outstanding abilities, so long as we didn't use them to make any income or try to advance any political career.
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The Outrageous Hypnosis Experimentation
So I was vacationing with some friends on this coach excursion lately, and the motorist got lost in the middle of the wasteland, and we thought we were all going to pass away of thirst until we came across this city that wasn't on the map.
Luckily, we came across this big shining metropolis that wasn't on any maps, and didn't seem to show up on anybody's compass, but we decided to go inside anyway.
Now, it turns out this was a - hey - special military run facility that was designed to develop the powers of hypnotherapy on individuals, so that they would live better lives without having to worry about the side results of chemical compounds or anything.
Naturally, the best way to get some optimistic wellbeing consequences is with hypnosis, as you can pretty much get any benefit that you want, without actually worrying about any side results like going insane or forgetting where your socks are.
While their were plenty of chemical substances in the water program already, they weren't sure about the long term consequences, so they figured that using hypnotism would be better.
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That way, people could picture they were getting the benefits without really having to suffer any of the unknown side outcomes, like growing extra biceps or things like that.
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