The Advancement Trend Of The Materials On Baggage

With the development of and also the material and cultural living standards, people demand more and more clothes, bags and clothing being an important person in an integral whole, but additionally by increasingly more attention. The connection between the luggage and clothing in society that's more closely linked. , green, cherish exactly the same ideas of nature modify the style of innovative luggage products, and product design are primarily reflected through the material. Therefore, Recycled bag, the development trend of bags designed to represent the material of the same trend.

Currently, the bag materials are continually being , the development of new varieties to meet the requirements of clothing trends, to meet the needs of social consumption, the overall trends and characteristics are:

introduction of new technology, new materials, growth and development of full-color number of leather bags. Series, such as color development and production of leather bags, colorful and fun products to create bags, especially white, light-colored leather bag series creation of simple to make summer bags especially pleasing towards the eye.

Surface treatment to boost and enhance the art of value-added leather to increase the variety of leather. For instance, a number of color printing, embossing, shrink lines, antique surface treatment, surface texture to the leather complex, enhancing the value of art appreciation. In the bag design, this with the art of coping with natural grain from the leather surface and the surface pattern of leather utilized in addition to, PET nonwoven shopping bag, and increase the material differences between your three-dimensional, producing a unique appearance.

traditional batik, tie-dye technology, materials to make bags popular trend to cater to modern nostalgia.

Means of the standard style with batik, tie-dyed patterns receive bags of ethnic characteristics.

Ji leather bags issued new varieties. Leather bags in traditional varieties, Recycled PET nonwoven Bag, based on the development and production of snake leather, fish leather, python leather, ostrich leather and other new varieties, increasing the number of members of the family leather bags. Source: