The 13 Biggest Pubs in Kolkata Blunders

Kolkata is a true city of history in every aspect, as people point out, there's something about the city, it's people that gets you hooked. There's a touch of flawlessness a sense of originality in everything. And if you are a fan of pubs, or someone who simply enjoys a visit every now and then to wring off the stress and refuel, the pubs in kolkata don't fail. Not only do we have places that possess gracefully aged and have beautifully carried the rich tradition and history that they represent, additionally, there are something new taking up every now and then.


From people barely having a vast variety of options to choose from, we now don't have a list anymore, we have got an whole book! When it comes to pubs in kolkata, the situation has changed impeccably. Though one may say, it has obtained quite a while to level up with other metropolitan areas in the country, but now we can proudly say that the wait has been worth it. Our options now are special, extraordiary and brings you a brand new experience each and every time. One of such places is The Power grid, situated in Topsia, relatively of an unusual location as it isn't one of the places marked with the label 'party place'. Yet needless to say, that only adds to the charm. One of the remarkable things about The Grid is a assortment of beers from their particular very own brewery that makes


you want to arrive back over and over again. Aside from that, we think their own chefs are sorcerors 'cause their own food tastes like the work of a mircale, no overstatement. Pubs in Kolkata are stepping up their own game and that's rather obvious. And we could not be more happy about it!

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