i had done a lot of work about the harsh words spread around last week in our condo association.  i learned that I can remember  staying safe within myself, and that i need to concentrate on being less sensitive.
Thank goodness I didn't respond in kind to the harsh words, for one thing.  I dealt with this quietly but stood my ground.
Last night we had a Board meeting at my house, and I was sure wondering how that would all go down.  The lady initiating all the tough stuff last week is a cop, so I had no idea if she would stick to what she said last week, or what, though I do know her some and we have had some good moments together previously.
Well, the Lady in Question came in with homemade snacks and a huge apology, delivered with some gourmet coffee.  Then she delivered a second apology when we all sat down.
The meeting went well.  I guess I had done my own work well, as I felt a relief, but I was already OK within myself.  Everyone makes mistakes in judgment, and not everyone has all the info at hand at all times.  
So it was a good day. I feel it was work worth doing, and lessons worth learning.



Amazing. Simply amazing. God at work ~ I\'d say. Can you imagine what the outcome might have been if you responded to her in a negative way? Fueled the fire ~ more like it. By you being silent she only had her harsh words to reflect on. I\'m sure it took courage on her part to apologize. I\'m glad you had a good day! (((HUGS)))