Terrified and Damaged

I think to myself, "I'm alone. Did that really just happen?"
Im walking home, I hurt everywhere, I can feel the blood running down my legs. My wounds sting.
I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me. I was so sure I would protect myself but when the time came to put that thought into action it backfired on me...I froze, I was paralyzed. I didnt defend myself I was helpless. How could I let something like that happen to me? I let myself down.
....Nobody is home, the house is empty and quiet. I run to the bathroom. As i stare into the mirror I try to figure out what and who is looking back at me. Who is that person? Shes bloody, shes scared, shes....frightening..shes me.
I feel a sharp pain and look down, I see that my clothes are drenched in what seemed to be my own blood..my clothes were ripped and ruined. I was shocked to see a large cut going vertical down my chest..
I let out a gasp, and bursted into tears as i held my stomach. I felt so sick at that moment i felt as if i was going to pass out.
I let the hot water cover my body as i watched the blood run down the drain.. it was heartbreaking seeing myself bleed like that..i closed my eyes and let the water cover my face....all i could see was him..i opened up my eyes immediately and didnt close them again i was planning to keep them open for the rest of my life..
I thought to myself, "this is the end of me."