Terapias Naturales Para Todos

Cuando pensamos en las abejas, principalmente nos imaginamos miel y polen. Por ultimo, para demostrar que todos estos desenlaces obtenidos en las moscas de la fruta pueden ser extrapolados a las abejas, Kamakura utilizo un ARN de interferencia (ARNi) para bloquear la expresion del gen EGFR en el tejido graso de las abejas meliferas. En nuestros dias, la miel es el unico de todos y cada uno de los productos apicolas libres en el mercado que cuenta a nivel europeo con una norma que regula sus requisitos de calidad.
It should also be noted that the famous luthier Stradivarius used Propolis to varnish his violins and restore a certain sheen to the wood. Propolis can be taken in different ways: in the form of pure alcoholic extract (from 5-50 por cien of pure Propolis extract), often the same size as a vial of essential oil. For pure alcoholic extract (50 por cien ), take 5 drops, either pure or diluted in a herbal infusion with other medicinal plants.
I once had a wart on my wrist and that healed completely after sealing it in propolis straight from the bee hive. I used bee propolis drops in an alcohol base 3x a day together with echinacea drops, 2g per day of vitamin C (Ester C), some coconut oil and yoghurt. Egyptians, Greeks and Romas reported the use of propolis for its healing qualities. Propolis is not considered an important part of dietics and a natural remedy by World Health Organisation. The concentrations of flavanoids seem to be responsible for the great antibiotic effects of propolis. Eu Yan Sang Propolis Extract is a standardised tincture made from premium quality New Zealand propolis. Although rare some people are allergic to propolis so precautions should be taken.
Importantly, unlike synthetic antibiotics, infecting micro organisms do not develop resistance to Propolis. Most excitingly recent scientific trials are proving the complex natural compounds http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prop%C3%B3leos - descubrelo aqui - in New Zealand Propolis perro safely and effectively inhibit the growth mechanisms of many types of PAK dependant cancers and neurofibromatosis tumours. We recommend 1 or http://lajaleareal.es/propoleo/ - http://lajaleareal.es/propoleo/ - 2 capsules for everyday use, and for sore throats, liquid propolis is more suitable and fast acting.