Ten Things I Learned At The Spiritual Awakening Conference

But the next morning my sister called to report that Mom was no longer eating or drinking. There isn't any limit to what you are able to visualize. Nor be transgressed by the bogus opinions hurled in your direction.

If you've read my newsletters or emails in the past year, you know I sign most "With joy and ease, Debra". When I write "with joy and ease", am I trying to convey to you that I'm constantly joyous and everything in my life is a cinch? (In other words, am I LYING?) Certainly not.
Chaos is all brothers being fragments of the split mind based on judgments which make bodies and actions appear real and separate. Perceiving brothers through the Laws of Oneness and choosing to give up all the associated judgments of the ego is what acim is asking of you. That's the one consistent choice needing to be made to end the madness and chaos.
One theme continues to ring true, which is, that awareness is key to growth and sustainable success. So, I would like to take a moment to reflect on my 2009 journey and invite you to join me.
You will make more per sale on the Kindle platform with a $2.99 book than you will make from a paperback book that costs $10 or more. The reason is because you are getting a much larger share of each sale.
The Angels are clear in their message to humans. Every moment spent worrying about tomorrow or something in the past is a moment which could be spent in joy or peace. We have to stay focused on the present if we hope to avoid falling into the trap of dismay. a course in miracles tells us that there are only two true emotions, love and fear. Therefore anything that doesn't feel like love is actually fear.
If you are running your own small business, is your diction as good as your product or your service? If not, you should consider improving it. Even if the majority of your workday is spent primarily on the computer in which you seldom speak, it is important that your communication skills are working for you and not against you. From the largest to the smallest, websites are now offering video, conference calls, a course in miracles audio webinars and this is where you communication skills will matter. While your own website may not be at that point yet, your success could depend on it in the near future.
If this were not true about judgment, then God could not exist and neither would you. If God were judgment, and He could only create like Himself, then He would create more judgment so that He could have the experience of judging Himself. That judgment of self remaining a part of Him would self-destruct Him as judgment is based in fear and guilt and wants to get rid of those feelings and kills to do so. You would also be long dead because you would also be exactly like that.
Ultimately, the specific things and situations we desire are not what is important. It is the creation of an enhanced state of well being that matters. As we create this state we create a field of well beingness around us. This field influences all who intersect it, assisting them to create greater well being, too. The love of God, as true cause, flows through us, creating conditions that enhance joy. This is the only way to positively change ourselves and the world. It's the law.
Unlike the Laws of Madness, the Laws of Oneness all say exactly the same thing. Every selection for egotism judgment keeps fear alive in the mind. a course in miracles additionally says "Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.