Ten Reasons To Drool Over Jared Padalecki

10. He Can Actually ActBut all gratuitous shirtlessness aside, the nice thing is, he can actually act. I have to confess, I was initially less impressed by Jared's skills in that department than Jensen's, but to his credit, Jared worked very hard to improve, and if you compare early season one Supernatural with later episodes, it's already obvious how far he came. By season two, all doubts were removed. In the second episode, Everybody Loves a Clown, he did, in my opinion, his best work on the show to that point in a difficult and emotional scene that closed the episode. Later in the season, he demonstrated great prowess as a physical actor in the episode Born Under a Bad Sign. His character, Sam, was possessed by a demon known as Meg, who had been played in earlier episodes by an actress named Nicki Aycox. Jared not only nailed Nicki's mannerisms and speech patterns as Meg, he also changed his whole way of moving. Jared portrays Sam Winchester as a large man who is not always comfortable in his size, and usually tries to look smaller by slouching and other minimizing postures. His portrayal of Meg, in contrast, was that of a creature that's been trapped too long in the body of a diminuitive woman and is reveling in the stature and strength of her new "meat suit." Meg used "her" new body as a lethal weapon, yet at the same time moved with a distinctly feminine swing to her hips. It was a virtuoso performance, probably Jared's best single episode to date. In the season three episode Bad Day at Black Rock, Jared also revealed a (not particularly surprising) gift for physical comedy. The episode made good use of background events in scenes, and an instant fan favorite featured Dean (Jensen Ackles) in the foreground, talking to friend and mentor Bobby Singer on the phone, while in the background Sam, who has been cursed with bad luck after losing an enchanted rabbit's foot, steps http://Dani-Jensen.easyxblogs.com - http://Dani-Jensen.easyxblogs.com - on a huge wad of bubblegum, tries to scrape it off on a street grate, and proceeds to lose his shoe down the sewer. Jared's delivery of the famous "I lost my shoe" line is classic.With talent like his, we can't wait to watch Jared's career unfold, especially since it lets us enjoy his other assets as well! And there we have it...Do you agree my reasons? Disagree? Have anything to add?Why not join HubPages and write a "Ten Reasons" article of your own? It's easy, it's fun, and you can earn money for your writing!Check out my HubPages for Fans article for tips on how to get started.One more thing! I'm completely thrilled that so many people have enjoyed this article - it was great fun to write, and I love reading the comments from my fellow Jared fans. However, I'd like to ask you, if you want to copy and post any of it elsewhere to share with other fans, please credit me by including a link back to this page! http://hubpages.com/hub/jaredpadalecki Thank you!