Television / Movies :: Download Big Brother Season 12 Episodes and See The Terror of Saboteur

Download Big Brother season 12 episodes, if you want to see chaos in the life of the House Guests. After a successful journey of 11 seasons, the show moved into season 12 on July 8, 2010, where 14 participants went inside a house to compete for $500,000 prize. However, can they live peaceful lives in the guest house for 75 days? Not till the time the Big Brother Saboteur is present in the house.Yes, he or she is the one, who gets involved with the House Guests, and tries to create chaos in the house. He comes with only one aim - to disturb the environment, create problems, create misunderstandings and everything, that makes the life in the house problematic.The role of the Saboteur is pretty attention-grabbing, and lures the viewers to download Big Brother season 12 episodes. Saboteurs make the show crispy, by indulging in the peaceful lives of the contestants, and getting the participant against each other. And the best part is, the contestants are unaware of who the Saboteur is.However, is Saboteur the part of the competition, since he or she is responsible for entertainment of the audience? Well, he or she is a fun element - Britney Shannon - in the show, however, the Saboteur doesnt compete for $500,000. Rather he or she gets the chance to win that prize money, if not expelled before five weeks.When you download Big Brother season 12 episodes, you will come to know, that Big Brother Saboteur was evicted before five weeks. However, that wasnt the end of the chaos in the lives of the 13 participants. Another Saboteur was introduced between the contestants, who was told, that if he or she stayed in the show for two weeks, he or she would be awarded with $20,000. So, on day 34, a new Saboteur was introduced by public voting.Now, the Saboteur has to perform three sabotages in two weeks. On succeeding, he or she walks away with prize of $20,000. The rule of the show is, that when Saboteur is eliminated before two weeks, the contestants are informed about it. The twists and turns in the story, has made the current season so popular, that people want to download Big Brother season 12 episodes, and enjoy the emotional drama among contestants.Talking of Big Brother season 12, the show is still on-air. There are only three contestants left - Enzo, Hayden and Lane. They are the tough contestants, and no one can predict, who the winner will be.As the show will end soon, people will definitely download the reality show that houses 13 contestants. It is advised to go for Big Brother season 12 episodes, only from subscription websites. You just require becoming member to download Big Brother season 12 episodes from these websites.