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At the beginning of the trip I looked at the itinerary with terror but by the end I was excited for each and every adventure. I found my inner adrenaline junkie, who came to realize that you don't have to go skydiving to feel a rush."But you look perfectly fine!" The problem is, we aren't "fine." The reason most people with chronic illnesses look "fine" is because approximately 96 percent of chronic illnesses are invisible.Michaela ShelleyChronic Illness Advocate/Blogger Chronicallyawesome23.blogspot.comBut the reality is that emoji isn't just for family banter and sarcastic dialogue. Nor is it simply to be regarded as an amusing supplement to language. We teens are at the forefront of a generation that is living in the now.We were moved by what Jacob's promposal represented and wanted to share their story with as many young people as possible so they know they're growing up in a more welcoming, less fearful world, filled with people of all backgrounds who support and love them.We think to ourselves, "Wow that is horrible, but this could never happen to me," but it could. That horrible reality faced my family that dreadful January day.Jade Greear16-year-old social activist. unconventionallyjade.com blogger.When I was 13 years old, I went to a dance at our local teen center and I was so excited to have a good time. I had decided to just have fun, and yes, I danced. I danced until I overheard a bunch of guys laughing at me, saying, "What is Ally doing dancing, she's so fat!"Ally Del Monte16 year old who lives in Connecticut. Loves Kittens, photography, and writing my blog, Losergurl.comAt the end of the day, the overwhelming emotion we were left with was hope. Hope for a future where all kids can grow up with the simple right to love whomever they love and have that love recognized.So before you go to slather on Valencia, Sierra or Perpetua, just remember that the real you doesn't have some cookie cutter filter applied to it. You are fantastically "Normal."Mackenzie Patel18-year-old from Florida; writer for www.LearnTravelArt.comCollege shouldn't cost that much. There is no justifiable reason as to why we have to pay that much money. None.Anna Quesse18 from Chicago. Happier than a camel on Wednesday.When I say "peer pressure," I can feel you mentally side-eyeing me, thinking, Kay, Mom, I'm pretty sure I learned how to say no when I was in diapers. I hear you! But peer pressure isn't always Creepy Guy Trying To Shove Cigarette In Your Face.We high schoolers spend 40 hours a week at these institutions -- we ought to be learning about these things somewhere. School seems like the most logical place, but the bottom line is that I really wish I'd been taught the following things sometime in my adolescence.Carly Steyer17-year-old from San Francisco, CA; HuffPost Teen internDerek is not like most characters. He made mistakes, but he always apologized for them and vowed to be better. Derek loved Meredith and Meredith loved him. To most fans, that was always enough.Jamie GleklenHigh school junior, entertainment writer, scientistLet me ask you all a question: Doesn't it seem more humane to assign a teenager perhaps two hours of homework each night?Love is a strong thing, but in today's world it's a term we use rather often and loosely. It's thrown out in corridors, at the ends of teasing jokes, splashed across the Internet on birthdays or late night conversations with just about anyone.I've been told that in the darkest nights, the brightest stars are seen. Five years ago, the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010 was one of those nights. href='http://www.huffingtonpost.com/teen/' - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/teen/ -