Tax Planning Advice That Works

Finally, I'm still investigating a program called, Mortgage Cycling. Although I don't know all the detail on this one, I do know that it involves taking a home equity loan and adding this money to your principal mortgage. Again, I'm not getting it. Why take more money out against your real estate, so you can pay it back on the same house. Isn't this sort of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul?There are basically 2 ways of paying fewer taxes. The first is to find ways to reduce the total income you report. The second method is to generate money tax free, such as putting your income in offshore banks or trusts. These strategies are quite detailed and not available to everyone. However, you should at least investigate to see if they would be possible for you.The point of the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program is to go after people who have been ignoring the rules and failing to report the money in their offshore bank account accounts. So, they're not just focused on who's breaking the law right now. Instead, they're looking for anyone and everyone who has taken advantage of the system -- even if it was a few years ago.To prove just how serious the IRS is about the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, it hired thousands of investigators whose sole job is to look for people violating this program.Your government doesn't want you to have anonymous wealth. It wants you to keep all of those assets close to home in state-owned banks where the capital can be "leveraged" by state agencies. This is because when you move your money to an offshore banking center, it becomes invisible and inaccessible to the greedy government spenders.Three million Entrepreneurs every year find the courage to start a business of their own. Others fight the fear of "no paycheck" resulting in two-thirds of all employees hating their work, their boss or their hours. But they grind away their life in this situation.offshore living, county tax lawyer, accounts online offshore