Targeting Colon Cancer Stem Cells Using A New Curcumin Analogue, Go-y030

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BCM-95 Curcumin Improves Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment

(Certain substances like turmeric can alter proteins in colon cancer cells.) Age is no risk factor for cancer, either. Just because a person is over age 50, doesnt mean they need a colonoscopy from a medical doctor. One can be completely confident that they are not harboring cancer by knowing their nutrition levels and understanding their bodys signs and the condition of how to cure cancer their stool. If theres one assurance that trumps all, its the understanding that natural substances like turmeric have the greatest impact on killing cancer cells in the colon. Turmeric, and its active ingredient, curcumin, has been tested for its ability to destroy colon cancer cells at the Department of Surgery, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The results, were astounding. Curcumin obliterates colon cancer cells In the study, researchers looked at three kinds of colon cancer cells, p53(+/+), p53(-/-) HCT-116, and p53 HT-29. Read more..

Study: Curcumin Is King Against Colon Cancer

This results in a great deal of damage to healthy tissue and an increase in serious adverse effects. We wanted to see how curcumin might improve chemotherapy's ability to kill cancer cells," said Ajay Goel, Ph.D., Director of Epigenetics and Cancer Prevention, Baylor Research Institute, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, TX, one of the study's authors. "Curcumin was able to induce death in colorectal cancer cells that have becomeresistant to chemotherapy, even super-high doses of toxic chemotherapy. The ability of this form of curcumin to chemo-sensitize and induce death in these cells that can evade even the notoriously toxic chemo drugs is significant," he said. "It demonstrates that curcumin can regulate many more cancer-targets within cancer cells, which conventional chemotherapy fails to do. Additionally, curcumin specifically helped kill colon cancer stem cells. Cancer stem cells are the Achilles Heel of cancer chemotherapy, because patients may respond to chemotherapy initially, but experience tumor recurrence and/or resistance to chemotherapy subsequently. Read more..