Taming Stomachs With Fodmap Diet Spurs $8 Billion Market

Fell Off My Chair Shepherd, who has celiac disease, tested her diet on 25 people, preparing all their meals herself for 22 weeks in a study that formed part of a PhD thesis at Monash. She found the diet quelled symptoms in at least 70 percent of participants, compared with 12 percent given a placebo meal resembling typical Australian fare. I honestly nearly fell off my chair because it looked just too good to be true, said Shepherd, who now employs 13 dietitians in a practice that sees about 4,000 people a year. I still pinch myself at how successful it is and how big its become. Its literally gone global. The research drew attention to the role of diet in medicine and gastroenterological diseases especially, said Josh Butt, a gastroenterology fellow at Monash. Slow Diffusion The diet has gained popularity in the U.S. since Gibson and Shepherd spoke on the topic at the American College of Gastroenterology annual meeting a year ago, said Patsy Catsos, a dietitian and author in Portland , Maine , who keeps a list of more than 90 dietitians who feel comfortable delivering the diet. Nutritionists here in the U.S. are thrilled with the diet, happy to have something to offer their patients that has scientific backing and good results, said Barbara Bradley Bolen, a clinical psychologist in Farmingdale and Northport, New York , who has written two self-help books on irritable bowel syndrome. Some gastroenterologists are recommending the diet to their IBS patients, Bolen said.This is a big deal, as traditionally, mainstream medicine has downplayed the role that diet has played in IBS, she said. Theres a slow diffusion of knowledge among physicians about food intolerance, said Peter Green, director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University in New York. Green, a physician, typically tries to rule out gluten, fructose and other intolerances, as well as bacterial overgrowths, he said. If theyre excluded, well say, Theres this new diet thats come out of Australia, and well give them the Fodmap diet, Green said. Typical Meals A typical days meals might include a poached egg with spinach plus a banana for breakfast, followed by a ham and salad sandwich on gluten-free bread for lunch, and a dinner of grilled chicken, baked potato with sauteed spinach and capsicum, seasoned with the green part of a spring onion, salt, pepper, olive oil and pine nuts. find out here now http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-10-28/taming-stomachs-with-fodmap-diet-spurs-8-billion-market.html