Talus Holdings Acquires Digital Media Company, Traffiq

frank kern Digital Media and Learning Labs open in Tillman for student use

Talus Holdings has two operating companies, Talus Labs and TRAFFIQ, and holds a number of other investments in digital media companies, including in Pontiflex, LocalVox, MarketMeSuite, SpyderLynk and Rare Crowds. For more information about Talus Holdings, please go to www.talusholdings.com . About Talus Labs, LLC Talus Labs, LLC is a leading provider of digital media platforms, mobile services and online marketing solutions. Talus Labs serves more than 100,000 local businesses in 14 countries and five languages and is a trusted partner for both traditional and digital media companies, publishers and advertising agencies.

Digital in-store media makes inroads into high fashion retail

The nice thing about these spaces is that they definitely draw on collective expertise. Some students who came to the labs before they were open showed an interest in the new technology and got involved in the area of digital media that interested them. Once I saw that the labs had an audio set up, I made it my home, Nathan Feldt, a sophomore bioengeneering major, said. Feldt, who has a federal work-study job at the labs, added, I feel that the lab is geared in the right direction as a way of trying to be creative and think of new things. We started these labs because of a shift in what K-12 grade students are doing, and wed like to mirror that shift, Boyer said. Teachers in grades K-12 have started using more digital media in the classroom to help teach students and also to familiarize them with technology Herro talked about how the Digital Media and Learning Labs focus on helping kids through pre-service education with teachers. Practicing teachers can come in to learn how to use tools or how to integrate content into their curriculum.

Over the past couple of years, more and more international fashion retail brands have entered the South African market and have impacted on the way in which high fashion brands are marketing and promoting their brands to customers in-store. The importance of creating customer experiences in the retail environment is well-documented and is proving to influence consumer decision-making at the point of purchase, as well as helping to enforce branding and enriching the overall shopping experience. Chris Day, MD of Moving Tactics, the leading South African digital signage solutions company, explains, "Today, more and more retailers are beginning to recognise and reap the benefits of using digital displays and bespoke in-store music as part of their branding and customer shopping experience. It allows shoppers to visually interact with the brand's products or promotions whilst still in the store environment, where actual purchasing decisions can be made." Working with local and international retail brands such as Edgars, Tom Tailor, Dune, Lipsy and Lucky Brand to implement in-store digital media, Moving Tactics has experienced the direct link between the application of in-store digital signage and the resulting growth in sales encountered by their clients. Research conducted by FGI (2012) on existing digital signage solutions installed by Moving Tactics, confirmed that 41% of shoppers were influenced to make a purchase in-store, based purely upon the advertising on in-store digital screens. Customers are also favourable to this type of communication, as 92% of shoppers interviewed thought that it was a great idea to use screens in-store for customer communication.