Take A Book To Bed With You Tonight - The Top 10 Best Zombie Books

Between AMC's hit with The Walking Dead and the long awaited film remake of Max Brooks' novel World War Z, zombies seem to working their way further into people's hearts and minds. And then possibly eating them.However, zombie literature is not just limited to World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide. Oh yes, it goes far beyond those two classic zombie novels. Some of the best zombie books tell of the struggles of survivors during the zombie apocalypse, others tell the sad tales of sentient zombies trying to live normal lives after undeath.If you have found yourself enthralled by The Walking Dead or the new sentient zombie movie Warm Bodies, why not head to the bookstore and try some of these tales of the undead.Breathers: A Zombie's LamentAmazon Price: $15.00 $5.99 Buy Now(price as of Feb 2, 2014)This is my personal favorite zombie novel, and possibly my favorite books of all time. The story follows the everyman character of Andy Warner, he and his wife died in a car crash and he somehow found himself resurrected as a zombie. He lives in his parents basement watching bad TV and his only interaction is with the other kindred souls in his Undead Anonymous group. It is when his passion ignites for a female zombie named Rita and they get their first taste of human flesh from a rogue zombie that things start to get a little bit messy.The story involves heavy dark comedy, romance and just a dash of civil disobedience. I found this novel impressive because it gave a fresh perspective on zombies. Most zombie literature will show living people mutilating zombies, but Breathers: A Zombie's Lament shows that from the perspective of a sentient zombie.What makes this book infinitely better is the cast of zombie charaters along side Andy and Rita in Undead Anonymous. Most of the humans in the story are utter jerks, but the zombies are hilarious and likeable. There is Jerry who died in a motorcycle accident and has a passion for porno, Carl the smartass zombie, Naomi the ice queen, and Tom who lacks self confidence and later an arm when it is stolen by fraternity pledges.History Is Dead: A Zombie AnthologyAmazon Price: $16.95 $11.48 Buy Now(price as of Feb 2, 2014)This an anthology, or collection of stories, about the undead by several different authors. The real kicker to History is Dead is that it describes the way that zombies effected history.The stories shamble through such periods as viking times of war, the black plague, the civil war and the Chicago fire. Some stories are romantic, some are disturbing, and others are just plain funny. That is the perk of having several different authors in one book. They each bring their own unique writing style and vision to the stories. History is dead is a real creative masterpiece that reimagines history. There is nothing can inspire an interest in history like an interesting retelling of the event. This book is sure to thrill everyone from horror fans to history buffs.Warm Bodies: A NovelAmazon Price: $15.00 $5.49 Buy Now(price as of Feb 2, 2014)With the upcoming movie remake of Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies, it is only natural that you should want to read the book. More often than not, the book is better than the movie. Warm Bodies follows the story of R. R is a zombie with no memories and little to do. He, unlike his fellow ravonously hungry zombies, likes to spend his endless time riding the escalators in the airport or hanging out in the Boeing 747 airplane he calls home.But something happens that turns R's mundane undeath into a thrill. He meets Julie, who at first becomes his hostage, then unwilling house guest, but something begins to blossom between the two. Something is also blossoming in R. His heart begins to beat and he begins to come alive before Julie's eyes. This causes ripples among both the zombie community and the survivors.Warm Bodies is a genre of zombie books you may be unwilling to embrace at first, a romance. Romance between a zombie and a human seems...a little gross, but Marion handles it with a lovely sense of humor. It's quite the refreshing read for people that enjoy romance and those who don't.Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger NovelAmazon Price: $15.99 $5.53 Buy Now(price as of Feb 2, 2014)This book has the best Duke Nukem-eque book description I have seen since, well, Duke Nukem. "When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week there's either something wrong with your world or something wrong with your skills... and there's nothing wrong with Joe Ledger's skills."That pretty much sums up this killer thriller in most ways. It follows the story of Joe Ledger who was a Baltimore detective before he was recruited by the government to fight terrorists for Homeland Security. After his terrorist comes back to life a second time, Joe must rush to find and defeat the terrorist cell before they release the zombie bio-weapon they are threatening to release.If the other books on this list are not "car blowing up, heated shootout, building exploding" action enough for you, this will sate your intense action thirst. The action his heated and fast paced from beginning to end. I found it almost humorous with the sheer amount of testosterone pumping action. This ain't your mom's sappy zombie romance book, kids!Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the EndAmazon Price: $14.95 $8.07 Buy Now(price as of Feb 2, 2014)This is one of those books that you would be cautious of purchasing because it was published in 2012 and pretty much any Tom, Dick, and Harry can publish a book these days. However, I am glad I took the chance on this book. Apocalypse Z presents and interesting story in a very interesting writing style.The story follows the struggle of humanity through the zombie apocalypse through the journal entries of an unnamed lawyer who writes for theraputic reasons. The story is very relateable and realistic. Some zombie novels are more fantasy than anything, but this is quite the well thought out record of most likely what would happen to humanity.In the book, humanities last defenses slowly degrade and all that are left of safe houses are a few survivors with makeshift weapons and the will to survive. All the things that this lawyer goes through has you rooting for him till the very end. Not much is resolved at the end, but as I understand it, the author has two more books in the works to make this a trilogy.The Zen of Zombie: Better Living Through the Undead (Zen of Zombie Series)Amazon Price: $12.95 $4.55 Buy Now(price as of Feb 2, 2014)This book is less of a novel and more of a self help book. The Zen of Zombie is a self help guide that teaches us how to enjoy life http://Melissa-Mathews.blogtur.com - Melissa Mathews - like a zombie does. This doesn't necessarily mean eating brains, but taking life with a laid back approach.One of my favorite quotes from this book that has stuck with me since the first time I read it is "Throw a zombie in the middle of the ocean, and hey, it'll get back to land eventually. But in the mean time, it's going to f**k up a couple of sharks, maybe and octopus or two, and d*mn -straight, any unlucky fisherman it can get it's rotting hands on." I could not stop laughing. The book is of course for humor purposes, but it does make some good points.This makes a great, but morbid coffee table book. Anyone who sees it cannot help but be intrigued and flip through it a little. You will be lending it to people left and right.The Forest of Hands and TeethAmazon Price: $9.99 $5.96 Buy Now(price as of Feb 2, 2014)The zombie apocalypse is romanticized by young people because it represents certain things, like heroism and freedom. The zombie apocalypse represents an era of no jobs, school, or societies rules. A era where you can grab your gun and go loot a store.The Forest of Hands and Teeth does little to represent such an era. It follows Mary who has always been bound by the rules of the villages' leaders, The Sisterhood. Thier village is protected by a mere chainlink fence which lines the edge of the forest where the undead roam. However, the people in the village are beginning to forget why they must stay within the village. Mary yearns to go outside and see the long forgotten and almost mythical 'ocean' that the old ones talk so much about.She dreams of all the freedom and adventure that she missed during the beginning days of the zombie infection and decides to leave the safety of the fence into the forest of hands and teeth.This book is the first in a series that follows Mary's exploits. It is quite the interesting imagining of the times long after the first zombie started munching on people. The story is filled with religious fanatics and their dictations which, let's face it, is probably what would bind most of humanity together after a zombie outbreak started.Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Deluxe Heirloom Edition (Quirk Classics)Amazon Price: $24.95 $5.02 Buy Now(price as of Feb 2, 2014)What is a collection of great zombie books without the rewrite of this classic novel! From the people who brought you Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter comes Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Anyone who's taken a British Lit class or had a female English teacher in high school has read this wonder of romantic intrigue. If you happened to be a man, you probably thought this book could easily be spiced up by a few fist fights or car crashes. While here is a spiced up version for you. It takes the classic tale and adds zombies, called dreadfuls, to it. These dreadfuls are farily well contained for this century in British history, but they still manage to muck up a party or two.Surprisingly enough, the original plot of the book and the points it aims to make are still well intact. You will not be able to read this for an English class instead of the original, but you will still get the gist of the story. In this version though, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are both skilled zombie slayers who constantly find themselves at odds with each other.AutumnAmazon Price: $14.99 $3.99 Buy Now(price as of Feb 2, 2014)Autumn is the classic zombie tale. You know they old story, 99% of the world's population dead, only a few survivors trying to stay alive. That sort of thing. The interesting thing about Autumn is not once does it use the term zombies, and the zombies seem to be mutating. Not in the scary Left 4 Dead way, but in the 28 Days Later way.At first the zombies are slow, but they they begin to regain thier senses and speed which make them infinitely more deadly. Though luckily, the zombies seemed to become increasingly burdened by their own bodies decomposing around them.This makes it difficult for the survivors who are vastly outnumbered, but the decomposition gives them hope. This book is a lot more like 28 Days Later than any other zombie movie. It really conveys the feeling of panic and sheer ice cold terror to the reader.Monster Island: A Zombie NovelAmazon Price: $14.95 $4.38 Buy Now(price as of Feb 2, 2014)Monster Island entertains the interesting notion of 'smart' zombies. It revolves around the island of Manhattan after almost every living thing there, and around most of the world, has been turned into a shambling hungry beast. Though some of the zombies kept their human intelligence and have developed psychi powers.The story really amps up with a bunch of school girls, armed with high power weapontry from Somolia, arrive on Manhattan with their United Nations Weapons Inspector guide. The zombies are sent into a craze to hunt down and devour anything that still has a pulse on the island.