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Vaping luring teens into dangerous habit

Smoking was reduced in vapers and dual users, and many dual users wound up quitting cigarettes. We also comment on yet another duplicitous interview by the CDCs Tom Frieden. Continue reading v2 discount coupon codes providing the most effective smoking cigarettes encounter., LEARN MORE AT: http://acsh.org/tag/vaping/

(VaporShark/Facebook) This might put Santa on the naughty list. The e-cigarette company Vapor-Shark is facing backlash after putting up a billboard of a vaping Santa Claus in Florida.The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids complained the ad was similar to old cigarette ads aimed at children and called it a new low. Even e-cigarettes fans said the ad was inappropriate. Showing Santa vaping, globally recognized as a childrens icon, is irresponsible and is and will be seen as a ploy to appeal to under age customers, said Aaron Frazier, a self-described vapor, on the companys Facebook Page. We disagree its a difference of opinion said Vapor Shark CEO Brandon Liedel of their dissenters. Any v power electronic cigarette individual Could Access V2 Cigs Coupon Codes From Anywhere, LEARN MORE AT: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2013/12/18/vaping-santa-billboard-causes-backlash/

Vaping Santa Billboard Causes Backlash

Hookah smoking also jumped from 4.1 percent to 5.4 percent among high schoolers. Illinois is taking an appropriately aggressive stance. Starting Jan. Utilizing V2 Cigs Voucher Codes, LEARN MORE AT: http://myjournalcourier.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?avis=PE&date=20131218&category=news&lopenr=312189975&Ref=AR