Table Games Dealer School in Las Vegas at Very Affordable Price

Casino Entertainment Group provides table games dealer school at very affordable prices in Las Vegas, Nevada regions. If you are looking to become a full-time casino table game dealer or earn extra cash, CEG offers best casino table games dealer school Las Vegas. You can make a bright career in table games dealer. It is one of best way to make career in table games dealer school, there are so many people in the Las Vegas regions who build their bright career in table games dealer. They earn 20$-30$ in an hour. You can also earn 10$-15$ in an hour, as a full time table games dealer you can earn 50000$-100000$ annual.

If you are joining Casino Entertainment Group to learning table games then I recommended you to learn at least two games (Blackjack + one additional). There is no hidden or extra fee; prices are just a onetime flat fee.
Classes &Prices for CEG Dealer School Las Vegas Only:
Blackjack: 250$
Roulette: 250$
Craps: 300$
Specialty Games: 250$
Baccarat: 250$

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