Syrian peace talks end as expected, with total failure

Syrian peace talks end as expected, with total failureThe peace talks weren"t just a non-event; they were another blow to U.S. interests and another success for Assad. Why? Because the non-extremist opposition, which participated at America"s urging, comes away with nothing. Thus, as the Washington Post suggests, it is likely to lose what little influence and credibility it possesses among front-line fighters.This represents a victory for the extremist opposition, including al Qaeda. And it is also a victory for Assad, who relies on fear of extremist elements in the opposition to maintain power and keep the U.S. at arms length. Indeed, Assad"s representatives have acknowledged that they came to Geneva to raise awareness of the terrorist threat posed by the opposition. Clearly, they did not come to make concessions, not even small, purely humanitarian ones....What"s next? More of the same. The Post reminds us that the Geneva talks, which we have seen were always destined to fail, "represent the only strategy Obama has advanced to try to end the war." Moreover, "Western diplomats have acknowledged that they have no Plan B."Unless one counts being jerked around some more by the Russians.