Survival Medicine For the 21st Century - A Complete Guide to Natural Healing

Survival Medicine For the 21st Century is a book penned by Dr Mark Sircus, that contains 2,200 pages of information related to Natural Allopathic Medicine that is very helpful. The book costs $99.90, but it is like receiving 17 different books in one. If you want to be equipped for any medical or medical condition that might occur, this book will be useful for you. It is no mystery that the current health care system is seriously flawed. As many natural health experts have brought up, hardly any significant progress has been made lately to treat degenerative conditions like heart disease and cancer.

Lots of people are ready for a new way to cure diseases, and this book provides it. Though allopathic medicine is usually understood to mean traditional, Dr. Sircus is advising a new kind of allopathic medicine. The name he's given to his new strategy is Natural Allopathic Medicine. He bases many of his treatments for conditions such as cancer on the procedures typically used in intensive care and emergency rooms. A lot of his healing methods are based on making use of several primary ingredients -iodine, sodium bicarbonate, alpha lipoic acid and magnesium chloride. Dr. Sircus also believes in making use of "soft medicine" regularly. There are 500 pages on why the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health are as essential as the body. Survival Medicine features a comprehensive framework for a new way of viewing healing.

This book introduces several ways of viewing healing, which are described as "psychologies," as with the psychology of communication. A few of the other psychologies discussed in this publication include those of the heart, orgasm, color and perception and the heart. There are lots of sections that are actually books in themselves, such as Miracles in Medicine and Massage. In this segment, you find persuasive evidence of how therapeutic touch and massage can be. Water is also necessary to healing, and this is discussed in the Waters of Life part.

This book offers you a good background in toxicology and the possible toxic threats that exist all around us today. Several important examples of this are mercury and the risk of low level radiation. You may not even realize how many of your health issues are linked to the mercury fillings in your teeth.

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This book, "Survival Medicine For the 21st Century", could offer you plenty of information to save you from many of the ailments that plague man. There is a great deal of information here, and the book must be read and studied and also used as a reference. Spending around $100 on a book might appear expensive, but it's a drop in the bucket if it can save you from having to visit the doctor or even worse.