Survey says bowling is No. 1 participatory sport among adult consumers

Benjamin Harris was a maverick in the early days of journalism. He was not alone but he definitely stood out from the crowd.Mark Miller is the author of "Bowling: America's Greatest Indoor Pastime." He worked in public relations/publications for the United States Bowling Congress and its predecessors for more than 24 years. He is an authority on bowling past and present having been called the "Fountain of Bowling Knowledge." He was assistant editor for Bowling Magazine, edited the Bowler's Guide instructional and educational book and helped start U.S. Bowler and U.S. Youth Bowler magazines. He has been quoted in most major newspapers nationwide including USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and New York Times. He also helped establish the new International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in Arlington, Texas. A former sports writer in Arkansas and Illinois, he wants the world to know that bowling is a sport and not just something to do on a Friday night. Contact Mark with your comments and questions. - - - - - site to search at -