Surprising Confusion

So I was wandering downtown lately, something I almost never do because I'm so unbelievably lazy, and I found this tavern that had this miraculous demonstrate every Friday evening.
So I was downtown, checking out the various open mic - click here - nights, and I came across this place where anybody and everybody is welcome to go up and talk about random stuff, so they can just ramble on and on about the various things that they are getting themselves into.
Now, most open mic nights are folks spouting off poetry and stuff like that, and maybe some old fashioned cracks, but people at this place were giving some powerful divine readings and all kinds of different stuff, so it was like no other present I'd ever been do.
Now, there was this one guy there that was telling some of the most hypnotic experiences ever, and men and women were totally and totally tranced out beyond belief, and they just kept blanking out and going greater and greater into trance.
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Obviously, when you start to realize the outstanding impact that these tales have, they will become even more outstanding than most men and women realize.
Which is what will happen if you don't be mindful who you listen to.
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Spectacular Facts Of Rubbish
A couple of weeks ago a show transferred through town, and I decided to go check it out, since I hadn't seen once since I was a kid, but boy howdy was I surprised at the amount of insanity there.
For one thing, they had this person riding on a real monster all over the place, and when he wasn't flying his monster, the monster was preparing scorching dogs they were selling for a dollar.
Another thing was they had this tiny vehicle come driving in, and instead of a group of clowns getting out, like I anticipated, a collection of kangaroos got out and they were all juggling these cherry pies.
Then when the lion show started, I was surprised that the dinosaurs had formed their own harmonica army and were challenging the audience members to singing contests, which is strange, to say the least.
Which is unusual, because I never knew tigers could talk, let alone be known for having an impression on such worldly matters.
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But it was really odd when the hippo started discussing about the time when I was walking lower the street and saw the man in the purple suit standing by the side of the road doing card hints.
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