Supply Of News Is Dwindling Amid The Digital Media Transformation

The travails of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are so handsomely filling the ample airtime and website space available for commentary and analysis that viewers and readers may forget that the fact that made the story into a nationwide sensation the email from a Christie aide calling for traffic problems in Ft. Lee was unearthed via traditional good-government reporting by a traditional local newspaper, the (Bergen County, N.J.) Record. Above, Christie enters the Borough Hall in Fort Lee last month to apologize to Mayor Mark Sokolich.

Money-wasting digital media adventures

The major reason why people follow your brand is because they want updates, offers and promotions. At the same time they hate self-serving content. Too much I am awesome is a huge turn-off. You have no website Its wacked or not involved I really like the way employing your website in your marketing campaign sounds. But if you really want to build a career by wasting money on online advertising, leave your website out of it. For people who want to maximize their advertising efforts and dollars online, find a way to link your adverts to your website in a way that converts.

BrightSign 4K Digital Signage Media Player Takes 4K to New Heights

National Institutes of Health, 10 drugmakers and several disease foundations are starting an unusual project to find and bring new medicines, particularly for complex, expensive chronic diseases, to patients more quickly and for less money. Associated Press Good morning. Google Inc. engineering chief Ray Kurzweil said Monday that he's helping his company change its search algorithms to do a better job of understanding queries and providing answers people ... The Wall Street Journal As young adults, your offspring will get control of custodial UGMA or UTMA accounts. The Wall Street Journal Treasuries are having a rare off day Tuesday as major U.S. stock indexes claw back some of the steep losses seen Monday.