Sundance Pointe Apartment Interior Design

The Sundance Pointe Apartment interior design is characterized by a well calculated spaciousness marked by high ceilings, a well-fit wall-to-floor dimensions and a balanced interior environment based on proper lighting matched with light wall colors, and an attractive wood floor finish.

From the living room of the 3-bedroom Sundance Pointe Apartment interior design, you would feel like living inside a luxury hotel suite room. The spaciousness creates a feeling of personal freedom. From the living room you can just walk through the dining area, and the kitchen to your right since it’s based on an open floor plan. 

From a certain vantage point of the living room you can also see through the attractive bathroom, while at the same time viewing the kitchen and dining areas in a panoramic mode. The view is simply superb, with the white walls and carpeted floor, and a wide closet beside the 4-chair dark brown wood dining table of the Sundance Pointe Apartment interior design.

The bedroom of the Sundance Pointe Apartment interior design exudes warm elegance, with an ultra comfortable wood bed combined with white and brown pillows. The light brown carpeted floor with two eye-catching lamps on the bed’s dark brown wood side drawers adds coziness to the room.

On the wall above the head side of the bed are placed two framed artworks. The bedroom’s large glass window is adorned with side curtains and a folding white window cover. As you wake up, you’ll be delighted by two lighted lampshades placed above a dark brown wood cabinet with drawers. At the center is a large round mirror encased in dark brown wood frames attached to the wall. 

The bathroom of the Sundance Pointe Apartment interior design is elegantly luxurious with its wide space, high ceiling, wood flooring and partial carpeting, a bath tub and toilet with a movable separator and an oversized dressing and make-up area with a face and hand wash tub placed or embedded into an 8-foot wide granite countertops. Underneath the countertops are four cabinets and two drawers.

The wide-spaced designer kitchen of the 3-bedroom Sundance Pointe Apartment interior design enhances creativity and enjoyment. As you work at the kitchen, a large wall mirror beside the kitchen backsplash allows you to see what’s happening at the living room behind you. 

Sundance Pointe Apartment is one of the many beautiful apartment communities in Florida. Come and visit the Sundance Pointe Apartment and see the difference. We can provide you a tour of the community at 5681 Edenfield Road Jacksonville, FL 32277. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For directions you can call us at (904) 745-5757, or send us a message through our website