Stunning Paint Apps For Android

Android is making a trend of apps these days. It has boundless apps in the play store, even if you dig for apps whole day you will be still getting many varieties in it. It has social apps, music related apps, camera apps, gaming apps, messaging apps, video apps, call recording apps, sports apps, news apps, download whatsapp for pc, educational apps, shopping apps, designing apps such as paint and many more. Here we are going to discuss about the paint apps, which are too funny and innovative to use. These may help many designers to make their raw architecture designs.

Paint a Picture:

Not only child prefers this app for painting but also the elders use it to pass their time away. It helps your child to learn the basic colors and the art of painting. By using this app, we can make a picture and color it, as we like. It is special because of its varieties in colors, favorite heroes, cartoon, paint cars, flowers and many more. From all these options, you can paint your desired picture by using this app.
Magic Paint Kaleidoscope:

It’s looks like as if you are playing any game while using the app. it has various colors to use, beautiful brushes and endless designs to work with. You can make designs by just swiping your fingers o the screen. Its animations are too good that if you display all the designs at once you will be visualizing it like a play of art because of the replay kaleidoscope animation option in it. You can also share your designs with your friends through social networking sites.
Kids Paint Free:

This is the best paint app for kids in which they can enjoy paining different things on their own. It includes many options to paint in a different way. It gives us an option to edit the total image of paint even after saving or sharing with others. It has awesome brushes and wide range of colors to gamble your mixing with innovative ideas. If you just shake the device it clears the screen, this option makes it very special.
Spray Painter:

It is an application with wonderful sprays and available in multi colors and sizes makes you help to paint a picture in a different form from the normal paintings. It gives an option to paint on a wall as we do it in reality. It also contains 30 templates, 5 background patterns, paint leak, shake phone for mix spray can and many more to make an art in painting world.
These apps are stunning, isn’t it? With these apps, you can really establish yourself in the field of painting.