Students Assist Classmates As Tutors

Leskowski said that she notices the effect that student tutoring has on the tutor based off of their performance during class. According to Leskowski, questions are formulated differently, basics become a non-issue, and overall level of skill is improved. Senior Will McBain tutors younger students in chemistry and math. Tutoring has allowed me to be able to express the material in different ways, McBain said. McBain said that tutoring old material helps reinforce basic skills that will always be present as one gets older. education Junior Ami Felson tutors in Spanish because he enjoys and happens to be good at it. It doesnt take that much time out of my day; only a couple of hours each week, Felson said. Felson said that an overall benefit is that, everyday, he learns new things and gets to share his knowledge with others who dont quite understand certain things, and then enrich their knowledge so that they can use the concepts that you teach in many situations. McBain said, Freshman year I gave my name to Kech Carrera at the middle school. I retained my jobs I got well through high school. Now he get calls through his contact on the counseling office list. The best way to learn something is to teach it, McBain said. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit