stuck In The Safety Net, Elderly District Veteran Hopes Crowdfunding Will Help

There was a camaraderie, all the bohemian types up and down Connecticut Avenue and Dupont, he said, recalling the bongo players and Janis Joplin look-alikes in the circle. Ralph had a good voice; he had a good Irish voice. But Bolen is a bit of a relic and may no longer fit in with some of the neighborhoods youngers and yuppies, Roller said. They dont like him sitting around on the front steps and bumming cigarettes and money and so on. Roller and his wife also expressed doubt that Bolen would consent to the proposed arrangement of home and day care even if the crowdsourcing campaign succeeds. Hes not even open to someone coming at all, Gray-Roller said. The judge is scheduled to reconsider Whites petition in January, according to Bolens court-appointed lawyer, Patrick Hand. visit

Crowdfunding is under a cloud

Crowdfunding has an opportunity to fill a really interesting space in the enterprise investment area. It is not hard to see the appeal. Investment-based or equity crowdfunding works by amassing small amounts from individuals to create a sum large enough to be of use to a business. The entrepreneurs get the funding they need, and investors can invest as little as 10 in return for a sliver of equity that may produce a gain if the business is sold. Related Articles Breathing new life into zombie companies 09 Nov 2013 In two years, it has gone from unknown concept to a buzzword among start-up firms seeking funding. Equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has raised 16m for 82 start-ups since it started in 2011, while Seedrs has raised 4.75m for 51 start-ups since it launched in 2012. visit

Bublcam, a 360 degree video camera, closes successful crowdfunding campaign

While the trend has granted significant opportunity for companies just starting out, there is a lack of crowdfunding options for those with traction needing a momentum boost. Due to the change in policy a gap now exists in the crowdfunding space. It will take an understanding of the complex, real-world processes that provide integrity and confidence for investors to create a digital experience that drives capitalism. Crowdfunding Those With Traction to Reach the Next Level Whether it be a disruptive electronics product in the vein of Pebble, a contentious mayoral campaign seeking wider support, or a medical device manufacturer with a fully-functional prototype, crowdfunding has room to mature to attract such ventures. For ventures under $500,000, Kickstarter is an effective solution. visit

Crowdfunding 2.0: A New Means for Capitalist Participation

An included app can be used to control factors like zoom and saturation, plus browse galleries of photos and videos. Unlike the Panono camera , which is a ball that takes 360 degree photos when it is thrown into the air, the Bublcam is better suited to being held or attached to a tripod or helmet.Bubl puts a great deal of focus on the Bublcams potential use for extreme sports like skydiving an area currently dominated by GoPro cameras. The Bublcam doesnt look quite as tough or water resistant, but at $500 it is definitely a new competitor. The Kickstarter campaign will be live until 3:37 a.m. PT Saturday. As of 1 p.m. visit