Struggle with doing what is right

I have been struggling for a while. I have good days and bad days. I think this is pretty normal. However, this morning when i opened the bible I was lead to a few scriptures that were related to "Texting" conversation I had with my father a couple of days ago. He was telling me that I needed to learn to forgive...I am estranged from my mother because she has done some very terrible things to me and my family...but also I am distant from my three siblings (their choice, not mine). So I took offence...I told him that I have forgiven everyone for them hurting me and have also asked for their forgiveness nearly a year ago (this coming December will be a year).
Long story short for the day:
The scriptures I was lead to are Ephesians 5: 19-26 and Colossians 3:12-17
After refelcting on these words, I realized that I am totally struggling with the follow sinful nature: fits of rage, dissensions, jealousy/resentment, and hatred
And this sinful nature is totally bringing me down. I know with all my heart that you cannot have evil in the same body as good, so I am struggling. My husband has been telling me this (not pointing out how, but that he sees me struggling and with love is concerned). I would tell him, nope, I am good, I am faithful, oractiving and working on self control, etc. But, I now know that I am not. This explains the constant tears, when I flubbed up.
So, whoever is ready this, I ask that you pray for me...I wish I had someone close by with healing hands. I pray to Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, that he heal me from these curse of Satan. I want to walk upright in the path of Christ leaveing worthly footprints for others to follow. I know the blood of Christ has removed all of my sin...but I am not ignorant and I need help, obviously from fellow believers, through the power of prayer.
Today is my first time on this site...I just decided to finally find a support group outside of my family, because unfortunately they are not helping in a positive manner.
I know God has a purpose for me....and my most important asperations are to be a good Christian wife and mother. The Lord has lead me to get retrained to be a Montessori teacher at the Primary I am just embarking on my AMI certification and M. Ed, in Early Childhood Education with concrentraion in Montessori...I left the corporate world for this humble position and I am very excited to get through the coursework to put my hands to work with children.
Again, I ask for prayer and support...I am new to this! I look forward to being able to offer insight where I can through my journey with Christ.