I've been stressing out a lot lately.  I'm haveing problems with my work and being laid off for the past three weeks and not haveing money for things after paying off what I owe.  It makes it really hard for me to sleep at night because it's about all I can think about and it makes me feel like crap.  That and trying to not think about things which might hurt me or make me bleed profusely.  I don't know why I think these things but I do it quite often, usually when I am with my friends and I start to feel depressed.  I've tried to think of happy thoughts and for a bit it was working but now my happy thought just makes me feel worse.  I have even had panic attacks from stressing over these things.  I worry about things way too much but it's so hard to stop.  I try to just let things go and some times I can but then their are days when it feels like the whole world is falling on me.