Strength Training May Boost Kids' Activity: Study

3 reasons lifting weights will help you lose weight

"That the stronger your muscles are, the more fun it is to use them. And once you feel that good post-exercise, you might want to continue to do it," she told Reuters Health. Carter is a pediatric orthopedist at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut. She has studied strength training among kids but wasn't involved in the new research. She said one of the most important findings from this study and others is that strength training is safe for young people, with proper technique and supervision. In this study, weights were gradually introduced once children had learned the correct technique. To learn more, visit

Strength Training And Cardio Decrease Type 2 Diabetes Risk For Women

Brian McDonough, Medical Editor PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - It is pretty straight forward that a good diet and exercise will help prevent type 2 diabetes and we also are well aware that running, walking, biking and other forms of aerobic exercise are also quite helpful. But you might be surprised that things like lifting weights, yoga, and stretching help quite a bit as well. Almost 100,000 women

aged 53-81 were followed for eight years. Researchers found that women who incorporated muscle strengthening and conditioning exercise into their lives did have a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes when compared to women who reported no muscle strengthening and conditioning activities. Thats the good news. The great news is that women who engaged in both about two and a half hours a week of aerobic exercise and about an hour a week of muscle strengthening activities were only a third as likely to develop diabetes than their inactive counterparts. To learn more, visit

The Amazing Core Fitness resistance loop bands come in a set of 4 color coded bands with varying resistance: Blue: 5 lbs., Red: 10 lbs., Green: 20 lbs., Black: 30 lbs. By having a set of varying resistances, users can maximize the amount of exercises they take part in for maximum results with the least amount of effort. Here are five examples of basic exercises you can do with resistance bands: Bicep curl Chest press Leg press While the Amazing Core Fitness resistance loop bands are generally easy to operate, there are always some health risks that can be avoided by following proper exercise procedures. When doing an exercise movement you should feel the resistance in the first 10 to 30 degrees of the movement. (For instance, you should feel the resistance when you first begin to lift your arm while doing a bicep curl. Don't go beyond that point, as this could cause a muscle strain or pull). To learn more, visit

Strength Training Made Fun With Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Loop Bands

The simple explanation is that muscle uses more energy than fat tissue, which makes your overall calorie burn for the day higher. This allows for more weight loss. In addition, the calories you burn after a strength workout (excess post exercise oxygen consumption, EPOC, or afterburn) are higher than after a run on the treadmill. 3. Strength training improves how your body looks and fits into clothes. While we all want to be healthier and live a longer life, it certainly helps to look better, too. To learn more, visit