Still Sad

Well here it is almost Friday and I'm still depressed and I just can't swing out of it.I don't know what my problem is.I get to work in the morning{3:30 am} and I'm there by myself for awhile and I juststart crying for no reason.My mind is just going crazy on me.I hate my job, I hate living in this house and there's nothing I can do about it rightnow. I would love to put this house up for sale, But right now isn't the best time.I just can't seem to make  myself Happy right now.Maybe things will change in a couple days {who knows}I really think I need a vacation, Just to get away and not have to worry aboutanything but enjoying myself.I LOVE my husband so much and I know he trying really hard, But I wish wecould just go back about a year or so when we were both so happy together. I can't wait for winter to be over because the weather doesn't help when youcan't do much outside because it's too cold. Well I hope I can snap out of this soon and stop all the crying, It' raellysux