Steam Cleaner Machines Target Janitorial Professionals Requiring 50 Hz.

Woburn, MA, September 09, 2010 --( Daimer Industries,Inc.[R], established as a long-time source for cleaning contractors,announced a line of 50 Hz vacuum steam cleaner machines for janitorialprofessionals outside of North America. The midrange Supreme 3050CV linefeatures an updated filtrating system that removes airborne waste,allergens and unhealthy effluvia."We're offering cleaning professionals outside North
America that same value proposition we offered our domestic customers -
the only difference is the support for 50 Hz power," said 50 Hz spokesperson Matthew Baratta. "The new steam
cleaner machines include vacuum power, our latest filtrating technology
and other options such as gum removal and sanitization."
Filtrating Steam Cleaner Machines
The Supreme 3050CV vacuum steam cleaners are sold in four
configurations: 3050CV (standard vacuum systems), 3050CVP (with ATIS[R]
sanitizing boiler system), 3050 CVG (with chewing gum eliminating
system) and 3050 CVGP (with both ATIS[R] and gum elimination).
The base model 3050CV steam cleaner machines start with a 6.6 bar,
165*C steam cleaner. The machines house a warrantied 5-liter boiler
system. The machines have 2-liter detergent tanks and 4-liter
automated-refill tanks.
For extraction, the steam cleaner machines have commercial-grade
vacuums for both dry and wet applications. Each vacuum comes with a 3
meter steam hose. The filtrating technology operates with the vacuum and
is composed of a swirling water filtering unit that captures foul odors
and larger particles, plus a HEPA filtering element that traps
microscopic particles such as allergens.
To the standard 50 Hz 3050CV, the line adds the following modelswith additional technologies:- The 3050CVP offers an ATIS[R] antiseptic system that is EPA compliant and lab tested to kill dangerous germs and mold.
- The 3050 CVG includes Daimer[R]'s Gum Exterminator[R]
peripheral unit that consists of a steam-based gum extraction system, a
scrubbing unit and gum dissolver chemical.
- The 3050CVGP includes both the ATIS[R] and Gum Exterminator[R]
For additional information about the new steam cleaner machines,
Daimer[R] steam vacuum cleaner systems, portable steam cleaner equipment
and best steam cleaners for cleaning contractors, visit or call Matthew Baratta at (888)
507-2220. The steam cleaner machines are available to customers in most
countries. Minimum order quantities may apply.
About Daimer Industries, Inc.[R]:
Daimer[R],, is a major supplier and worldwide
exporter of the cleaning industry's leading line of KleenJet[R]
steam cleaners/vapor steam cleaners/steam cleaning equipment; Super
Max[TM] commercial and industrial pressure washers, including cold
water, hot water, and steam pressure washing machines; XTreme Power[R]
floor cleaners, including carpet cleaners, hard surface cleaners, and
floor buffers/scrubbers/burnishers; and the line of Micro-Blasting[R]
Eco-Green[R] environmentally friendly cleaning products that employ
unique technologies and a patented, proprietary chemistry.
Matthew Baratta, Daimer Industries, Inc
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Woburn, MA 01801
(888) 507-2220
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