Staying up tonight

I am staying up for an online meditation in a Sister Site to this in an hour's time. This Week is a week off as my Brother is off from College. The marching madness in Northern Ireland may probably never be resolved, but that's the nature of our weird country. :S As Waylon Jennings said, "It's kept us from going insane!"
I'm focusing more on my vision for DA. My creative writing project is a labour of love so far, but my intention to earn through it is to use web revenue for a website I have in the pipeline. (which means *shudder* having to use Google AdWords) A local Web Designer is doing up the website for me. (I could do it myself, but it would be pretty basic to be perfectly honest)
I am also planning on finding work. I resent the fact that most jobs in Northern Ireland require an Application Form and a monitoring form instead of just simply sending a resume. (though there are more Jobs now which ask for resumes, thank the Lord)
I am also trying to think of additions to my visions board. Perhaps I can create my own e-board in PDF format using Inkscape. (Haven't used it in ages)
I'm still trudging the road towards happy destiny.



I hope all your endeavours prosper. I know a little about Ireland\'s history and movements, but haven\'t followed too much recently. We will now have to get a little more educated. Just always want to know the challenges that my friends are facing around the world. Lately it\'s basically the same. Corrupt politicians, then we become the bad ones if we speak out against them.
We will try and check out your web site (I\'m new to all this web stuff). I wish you well, Blaine