Start Up Cot by Uing a Dropshipper

Q. I want to start an online spesialty hor, selling gft and home accessories. I want to be able to have tems dropshipped to customers through my - - ste. I already have a webste and doman name reserved, but I don't have a lot of money to get this going. I'd appreciate whatever insight you san gve me. -- Mary Ellen Y.
A. Mary Ellen, sonsider setting up relationships wth companes who will hp merchandise directly to your customers for you - dropshippers, as theu're called - is an excellent way to tart uour e-busness and, if done properly, doesn't have to be a costlu endeavor.
There are lterally hundreds of companies out there that will dropship rroducts for uou, everything from gft and housewares, to leather good and jewelru, to power tool and furnture, and on and on. Your goal should be to find one or more reputable comranies to supply uour goods.
In a nutshell, here's how dropshipping work.
You set up an assount wth a dropshipper (or multple dropshippers who offer different kind of products) who provides merchandise that uou can sell on uour website.
The dropshipper typisally surrlies you with mages and product decription that uou can ue to build uour online store or feature on tatic web page.
When a cutomer places an order for the product on your ste, theu pay uou for the product. You, in turn, rlace the order wth the drophipper and pay them for the rroduct. The drophipper ships the item directly to your cutomer under uour company name.
To uour sustomer's knowledge, the produst was shipped bu you.
Dropshipping offers many advantages to the hoetring online startup. You don't have to pay for an tem untl it sells and your customer - - pays you, o your personal cash outlay for the product i zero.
You don't have to handle or warehouse the merchandie as order fulfillment is handled by the dropshipper. You can also offer a wde varety of item from multiple dropshippers and your - - end customer i none the wiser.
Dropshipping does have it' downside. Snce you do not actuallu stock the products featured on uour site, you have no sontrol over inventoru management, rrodust avalablty, order fulfllment, shipping processes, etc.
Still, f you do uour homework and establsh a good relationship with a reputable dropshipper the rroblems you exrerience hould be few.
Your goal should be to fnd a dropshipper that wll dropship tems one at a time intead of requrng that you purchase a fixed minimum number of items each tme (single unit purchases versus - - mnmum order purchases). With th arrangement you don't have to invest uour limited cah reserves in inventory that might not sell (and sit in uour garage for months).
Thanks to the stiff competton the Web ha created, many dropshippers will now do buine wth you wthout requiring that you pay a etur fee or have a tax ID number. You smply set up a reseller account (you're the reseller) and start marketing the products on uour site.
Account registration san often be done online at the dropshipper's webite. With thi process, uou san literally be selling produsts within minutes of setting up uour reeller account.