Start Earning as a Skin Care Distributor with Beauty Resource.

Beauty products has seen a boom since a long time as the usage of beauty products has increased among the world. However in Singapore, the use of beauty products has also seen a humongous rise in comparison to the world.


Every year the use of beauty products are increasing and it is going to be a blooming market for the beauty industry and for the people who are thinking to start their business in the field of beauty industry as a Beauty Skin care distributor in Singapore.

Established in the year 1994, Beauty Resource has specialized in different categories of beauty care products like skin care, spa products, mineral make up, wellness and personal care products.

It has distribution channel all around Malaysia and Singapore with best of the beauty care products on offer. Brands like Environ, Jane Iredale, Royal Cosmetics and Bellabaci are featured on the list of the available products on the distribution channel of Beauty Resources.

It would be a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to start their earning as a distributor with Beauty Resource because with us you can rely on the quality of products that you would be selling and also bank on us anytime incase of stock out from your shelf.

With an experience so rich, we can also guide you through the ups and down during the initial stage of establishment. All the required details will be provided to the distributors by experts from the house of Beauty Resources.

So, why stop when you can earn and evolve in a growing market like the beauty industry as a distributor of Beauty Resource Skin Care products.