Start a House cleaning business with less than $50 to invest

In order to start a cleaning business it doesn't have to be expensive. Forget about buying a franchise, for thousands of dollars, you could start your own business tomorrow for much less. Remember franchised cleaning businesses once started out with no customers, the fact that they are still around today proves there is money to be made. It might take more time to build up your customer base but this type of business can provide customers from anywhere, just think how many houses are in your city. Plenty of homes means plenty of opportunities to make money, after all everyone wants a clean home so the service you will be providing is highly sought after.
Identify your potential customers
By identifying your potential customer you will be able to create a business model that will work for both you and your customer. For example: if you decide to be a house cleaning business your typical customers may be people who have a full time job and don't have to time to do all the cleaning themselves. They work so they can afford to pay for your service so this will help you decide a reasonable cost and they may also work from 9-5 so this would help you determine what your best business hours could be. Maybe you would want to clean when they got back from work or while they are at work, this is something you will need to decide. But remember most people would not hand over their keys to total strangers who work for a new company , so the first option will be better. It is also important to provide a professional image, if you charge cheap prices then people might think that you provide a low quality service.
Buying cleaning equipment
All you will need is some cleaning products, a vacumn cleaner and possibly a mop and bucket. Most people will already own these products so you may not need to bring your own vacumn cleaner. In this case you would only need the cleaning products which you could get for a few dollars.
Expense: $15 cleaning products
Generating business leads and new customers
At this stage you would know who your customers are, how much you can safely charge them for your service and you will have all of your cleaning equipment. Now all you would need to do is generate leads and find customers so you can start making money. The best way to start off with is word of mouth. It will cost nothing to tell your friends about your cleaning business and ask them to tell their friends. Doing this alone could generate some customers for you, but why stop there! We all know about the latest social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter who both have millions of members, but have you ever thought about using it to promote your business? All you would need to do with Facebook is create a group which includes details about your business, invite everyone on your friend list to join it and tell everyone to invite their friends. Now imagine how much people you could reach. Its like the word of mouth method on steriods!
If the above methods for generating your first customers are not enough you could also create flyers. Create a simple flyer using Microsoft word and print out a few hundred copies. Spend the next day delivering these to homes in your area by hand.
The only expense will be the paper and ink cartridge, but seeing as you will only be printing one hundred it wouldn't use the whole ink cartridge.
Expense: $0.00 word of mouth and social networking marketing
$20 ink cartridge
$10 pack of A4 paper
Developing customer loyalty
Once you get your first few customers you will need to turn them into long term customers. To do this you have to develop customer loyalty. Offer a discount if they tell a friend who ends up buying your cleaning service or they give a reference.
Expense: $0.00 developing customer loyalty
I hope this information proves to be helpful. Stating a cleaning business is relatively easy but maintaining it can be much harder. Just remember to provide a quality service, reward your loyal customers and enjoy the benefits of working for yourself.