Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide - Becoming The Top Zerg Player

She was down and out when she met him, although from the outside no one could tell. She had purchased a large home. She had a "fluffy", corporate, white collar position in the better part of the big, gasping city. She drove a late-model, luxury sedan with an automatic transmission and satellite radio system. Still, down and out she was, no man in her life as of yet; not even on the horizon really.

Either use Flak Jacket or the perk to see explosives through walls. I recommend Flak as I am tired of flanking for ten minutes just to be killed by a claymore and you won't die to random grenades.

Next is Care Package, I covered this in another article but if you got a care package with some thing not so good, ammo or something like that, you could set up a trap because the other team cant tell what is a drone used for's in the package and will be trying to steal it while you and your team mates will be killing them. Counter UAV can help your team a lot too, if the enemy call in a UAV and you use a Counter UAV it will jam their radar and they wont be able to see you or your team mates.

This kill streak is similar to the precision air strike, except after the bombs are dropped, the airship will hover above the position he placed it. When it is hovering above this position, it acts similar to a sentry gun. It automatically kills enemies that become unmanned aerial systems in its line of sight. This is a very powerful attack, especially on maps that are very open.

The emergency airdrop is just like a care package. Once you receive it, you will have a marker to throw on the ground. It is essential that you throw it in a wide-open area, as four crates will fall to the ground. Getting an emergency airdrop is like getting four care packages at once. You can share them with your teammates, or keep them to your self.

One thing they don't really teach in public school is self sufficiency... The whole time they are preparing you to enter the workforce and join the number of countless what is a drone used for working shifts for corporations and small business making hourly wages that amount to the most basic survival.

It's a good idea to get 3 Queens up with this build so you can have 2 always infusing your Hatcheries to produce more Larvae, and one can be used to spread Creep between your bases and out onto the battlefield. Queens are also excellent defenders against the air and fairly good against ground.

Painkiller gives you a 10 second health boost right after you spawn. The only problem with the perk is that you sometimes spawn too far from the action.