Starcraft 2 Terran Vs Zerg Strategies - How To Dominate Zerg With Terran

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The Zerg are very unique in that they use Larvae, which is mutated at their Hatchery, to create units. You need to keep on morphing these into the units that you want - initially faa remote pilot certificate - so that you can properly get the kind of economy that is needed. Once you drop down a Spawning Pool, you can begin to morph them into Zerglings. That's how they are able to swarm easily, Larvae keep coming and you can morph them into whatever you want, once you have the buildings that are necessary.

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This strategy is highly effective versus all player types, but it is particularly useful against Protoss players. Since Protoss units are so slow, many players will keep these outside of their base. You can take a group of Speedlings (about 18) and run them past the enemy units and head straight for the enemy's Nexus.

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