Starcraft 2 Strategy - Zerg Vs Zerg Guide

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Make sure someone on your team has the UAV killstreak set up. Or maybe even a couple people, the more the merrier. Although it is only 3 kills, the UAV is the most important killstreak in call of duty. It shows your team where the enemy team is at all times. In my experience, the team that has constant UAV up ALWAYS wins.

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This is an all-in type of strategy that works mostly just in the lower ladder brackets. Your goal is to get 6 Zerglings as soon as possible to run into your opponents base and take him out before he can get an army up. The only problem is that you'll be sacrificing your economy so if your rush fails, you'll be doomed unless you did some serious damage to his base.

Right when the Spawning Pool is complete you should have 3 Larvae ready and 150 minerals. Immediately turn all 3 Larvae into Zerglings and rally them to your opponent's base. As soon as more Larvae come out of your Hatchery turn them into Zerglings too and make sure they're rallied into the opposing base, this way they will reinforce immediately.