Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide

Some say "Come hell or high water," but what happens when you're left with BOTH? You float off in the MEGA HUGE Terra Wind, (43 feet long and almost 16 tons) RV. "Prepped for aqueous and dry duty, a 330-horsepower Caterpillar engine drives the standard wheel arrangement, or, through a separate transmission, twin 19-inch bronze propellers." All the while, you'll be luxuriously living it up in leather, teak, marble, plush carpeting and a 42-inch plasma TV. Better uavs stock up on those Bear Grylls survival show DVD sets...

Drone-Pilot-Jobs-and-Network_2.jpgIt's a good idea to get 3 Queens up with this build so you can have 2 always infusing your Hatcheries to produce more Larvae, and one can be used to spread Creep between your bases and out onto the battlefield. Queens are also excellent defenders against the air and fairly good against ground.

Another great improvement with this edition to the series is the new real time Cross Com. This shows you the status of your squad so that you can see where to place them on the field. There is also a targeting reticle. Both of these new improvements also coincide with the new UAV drone, the Cypher. The Cypher can aid you be flying above and searching for enemies and intelligence. Any information found will show up on your Cross Com.

The job requires you to pay money upfront. (if you are buying information or a franchise or software etc, then you would of course pay money up front, but NOT for an online job). If a potential employer makes a charge for job information, kit, training or recruiting you, it probably is a scam. Let's be realistic, you don't pay an employer; the employer pays you.

Drones. The drones are all the male bees in the colony. During springtime and summertime, it is expected to have about 0 to 500 drones within a colony. The purpose of these uavs stock is to mate with the Queen.

The emergency airdrop is just like a care package. Once you receive it, you will have a marker to throw on the ground. It is essential that you throw it in a wide-open area, as four crates will fall to the ground. Getting an emergency airdrop is like getting four care packages at once. You can share them with your teammates or keep them to unmanned aerial systems your self.

And that's when the whining and bitching starts. "You sniping (or camping as the case may be) A-hole" or some such they will type into the chat screen. And ya know you have 'em right where ya want 'em. Why?

Dear Trevor and critics from Canada; Why don't you go smoke some pot, AYE? Why are those who sell life preservers, which can only be thrown maybe forty yards, standing in the way of saving lives of people who could be a quarter of a mile away? We must develop technology which solves the problems of mankind, not stand in the way of man's forward progression to maintain an industry's status quo; especially when there are better mouse traps available on the horizon. We must press on and work towards what is best for all concerned. Think on this.