Starcraft 2 - Standard Zerg Build is great excitement in the gaming community today. According to an op-ed piece by Richard Parker in the New York Times, the US has opened a new chapter in military history. We are investing big time in autonomous uas drone warfare. Or to put it in simpler terms, war has become a video game. Fighter pilots are going the way of the buffalo.

Sometimes, players will throw down a few Photon Cannons or Spine Crawlers. In this situation, you can run your Zergling pack into the mineral line and hit the "H" key. This makes Zerglings hold position; they will only attack what is in melee range. They will quickly kill all the uas drone or Probes in this instance and entirely ignore the Photon Cannons. It is a perfectly legitimate to trade your Zerglings for Probes, kill for kill. You should have extra minerals anyway as a Zerg player and the income lost is devastating for your opponent.

Did you approach them or did they approach you? If an offer comes from an unsolicited email for a job you know you haven't applied to then it is most often a scam. Unsolicited email messages themselves are quite suspicious.

Of course in review of the Trevor Types of the world, they must understand that it takes time to get out in the water on a jet ski from a Life Guard booth. The person drowning has most likely already taken in water if rough surf or waves and is chocking and drowning and could slip under the water meaning the Jet Ski when if finally does get there could knock them in the head rather than rescue them. In the chaos of a rescue this is a common occurrence. Sending out a flotation device by air makes sense and the technology already exists and is relatively in expensive. The UAV flying flotation device is easy to build, cheap to make and re-useable.

On Kentucky Public Radio last week, Dr. Paul said he would prefer a judge or jury make those decisions as they do with crimes unmanned aerial systems committed inside the U.S.

The Wolff tanning lamps are known to outlast all other tanning lamps available, so although they might cost a bit more it will pay off in the long run.

Dear Trevor and critics from Canada; Why don't you go smoke some pot, AYE? Why are those who sell life preservers, which can only be thrown maybe forty yards, standing in the way of saving lives of people who could be a quarter of a mile away? We must develop technology which solves the problems of mankind, not stand in the way of man's forward progression to maintain an industry's status quo; especially when there are better mouse traps available on the horizon. We must press on and work towards what is best for all concerned. Think on this.