Stanoject Or Stanozolol – Which Is Best For Bodybuilders?

Stanozolol is quite a popular androgenic anabolic steroid known for its muscle building and body toning properties. However, just like other steroids, the use of stanozolol is also controversial because of the side effects it produce in the body. Although limiting the use and dosage of stanozolol can limit the side effects and give a boost to the positive effects, but still it is considered unsafe for non-medical purposes. That is why steroids are banned in most of the countries and if you are looking to purchase some for bodybuilding purposes, do not forget to check your state laws.


Stanoject, on the other hand, is a new and modified version of stanozolol and is thought to be much more beneficial than its parent compound. Although the basic functionality of stanoject is basically the same but its modified part suppresses the androgenic nature of stanozolol and make it an even better supplement for bodybuilders and athletes.

So which one is better for bodybuilders – stanozolol or stanoject? Let’s find out in detail in the article below.


As mentioned earlier, stanozolol is an androgenic anabolic steroid which is derived from testosterone, a sex hormone. Its basic functionality includes improving the male sexual characteristics including improvements in bone tissue density and muscle growth. Because of its fat burning and muscle building properties, bodybuilders use it for their own use.

Stanozolol comes different brand names and are manufactured by different companies but Eurochem brand of Stanozolol tops the chart.

Stanozolol helps in the reduction of water retention in body which helps in weight loss. Moreover it is also best for burning fat and building toned muscles and lean body. However, due to its androgenic nature, it shows some serious side effects which may include erectile dysfunction, virilization effect in women including face and body hair growth, deepening of voice, menstrual disturbance, etc. Due to these side effects stanozolol is restricted in use.


Stanoject is a modified version of stanozolol and known by the name of Stanoject 50. Due to the modification in the chemical structure of stanozolol, stanoject suppresses the androgenic features of stanozolol and boost its anabolic nature which not only give it the desired features bodybuilders are looking for but also reduces the side effects which may cause harm to the users. So in theory stanoject is a better version of stanozolol and usually more preferable.