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Viscometer adapted on the temperature where liquid sample ahead of viscosity. Expansion from the liquid sample through the sample reservoir into the capillary tube, the temperature change after the first sub-zero degrees centigrade the liquid sample for the capillary drying air: viscometer, comprising steps of the solution to determine the temperature and viscosity in the first liquid - - sample to the first sub-zero temperatures in degrees Celsius. Capillary tube use within determining the temperature from which liquid sample prior to viscosity. ...Here in Albuquerque, countless gallons of highly toxic jet fuel leaked into the ground and into the river table at Kirtland Airforce Base, over several decades. Perhaps a biofuel derived supply of jet fuel would have been better managed, because it might be produced in an when needed fashion, in lieu - - of the need to be imported in huge quantities and stored until - - used.The aviation industry: oil prices are expected to take care of the low range - Site Promotion ArticlesOver 25 major public companies are producing biofuels from micro algae ... at higher production costs. The production of biofuels from microscopic algae particularly isn't yet a commercial reality, but oil giant Exxon Mobil has announced a $600 million investment for producing fuels from algae from pond scum and sea weed.According to statistics, Exxon Mobil - - profits during 2009 dropped by more than half, amounted to 19.3 billion dollars, which is several years since 2002 the minimum. But Exxon Mobil inside U.S. listed companies are nevertheless profitable title. The world's largest Oil Listed companies inside the fourth quarter of 2009, operating income decreased by 23%. Jet fuel will be the more established of the two. There are three varieties of jet fuel. These are Jet A, Jet A-1 and Jet B. The most common jet fuel is a kerosene and paraffin oil-based fuel classified as JET A-1. Kerosene is thin oil distilled from petroleum or shale oil. Jet A-1 fuel has got to adhere to international standardized set specifications. JET B is often a fuel inside the naptha-kerosene "family" that's prized due to the superior cold-weather performance. Since it is often a lighter composition, it is more dangerous. Both JET A and JET B typically include a number of additives, including antioxidants to stop gumming, antistatic agents to dissipate static electricity and stop sparking, and fuel system icing inhibitor agents.