Another great day for me, was supposed to go and see my girlfriend today and finally get out of the house but when I started my car I no pressure for my clutch so I had to turn around and head home.  Now I am stuck in this hell hole for another day with nothing to do and nowhere to go.  I'm not sure what I can do about my clutch as I am unemployed and am no longer receiving anything from unemployment because they are bastards and nothing makes sense with them.  Wish that this was a happy journal entry for once but as usual, any time I am happy it quickly fades away back into my bane existence.
And I still have no friends here even after being a member for two years.  It is kinda my own fault as I haven't been on too much and don't really join in any forums as I can't really offer any help with anything, at least not anything more than what everyone else does.  This might sound like some cry for sympathy but it's just me explaining what a moron and a coward I am.