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Sports are competitive physical or mental activities which follow set rules of play. They include physical as well as mind games. They are good forms of entertainment for people of - - all ages. It is also said that people should be engaged at least in one sport in order to keep themselves physically and mentally fit. Research shows that if kids are engaged in sports from a very young age, they become healthy and strong as adults. Football, soccer, swimming, hockey, golf, running, horse riding, gymnastics, chess, car racing, and skating are some examples of sports. class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - What is Hat Trick in Different Sports? - If you're a sports fan, you have definitely heard the word "hat trick" being thrown around at some point or the other. But because of its wide usage, it is often hard to deduce what the term means in each specific sport.... class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - 7 Popular Sports in Mexico - If you thought a Mexican's idea of physical exertion involved ribbing a bull - - and skedaddling for life, then folks, you are not wrong. But, Mexico has other less risky and people-friendly sport activities that are equally regaling.... class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Should Dance Be Considered a Sport? - There has been an ongoing debate about whether dance is a sport or not. Proponents of both points of view put forth valid and convincing points. Buzzle tries to come up with an answer by digging deeper and exploring the artistic as... class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Best Apps for Sports Aficionados - Are you a sports fan looking for apps to keep a tab on your favorite sports or team while on the go? Well, this Buzzle article brings to you some great apps that you'll love. Have a look! class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Funny Relay Race Ideas for Adults - If there's a way that allows you to have fun and leads to effective team building, it's by playing games. In that direction, relay race games have been seen to do that task effectively well. In the following Buzzle article, we will... class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Top 10 Sports in the World - Almost every person is into some sport or the other, be it playing or following the game. So what's followed the most around the globe? Which are the top 10 sports in the world? Let's have a look... class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Sports Records That Might Never Be Broken - Records are meant to be broken...really? I beg to differ on this point. Some records are never meant to be broken. They need to remain there, as a mark of one's greatness in a particular form of sport. class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Top 10 Worst Sports Cheats - Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat. While this quote goes hand in hand with sports, some sportsmen seem oblivious to this rule and hence this list of top 10 worst sports cheats. class="buzzlink" - Importance of Sports - Sports is undoubtedly an activity that is fun to do, but it has many other positive effects on a person's life as well. This article talks about some of the benefits of being involved in sports. class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Benefits of Playing Sports - Have you thought of the different benefits of playing sports? Have you realized the importance of making sports a part of your daily routine? Read on for more. class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Handball Court Dimensions - The handball court is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide, and is equally divided by the center line. The goal is 3 meters wide and 2 meters in height. Here we give you a handball court diagram to let you know the dimensions of the... class="buzzlink" - Women's Sports - The twentieth century saw a tremendous growth in the popularity of sports among women. These sports weren't new, but were the same ones that men had been playing long before. Let's have a look.. class="buzzlink" - Popular Sports in China - China has traditionally excelled in sports like badminton and table tennis at the international level. But one look at recent Olympic history will prove that they are really good at most of the sport disciplines that they try their... class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Handball Rules and Regulations - An amazing combination of netball, soccer and basketball, handball is a fast-paced game that requires strength, speed, agility, and team chemistry. With over 150 countries playing this sport internationally, its popularity is... class="buzzlink" - Benefits of Team Sports - How can team sports prove to be beneficial for you? You don't really need to be a sportsman for that. In fact, age is no bar when it comes to team sports! Read on to know more! class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - How Does Sports Build Team Spirit - Playing some team sports builds bonding among members, but have you ever thought how does sports build team spirit? This article is an attempt to find some answers.
class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Biggest Sports Stadiums in - sites to search at - the World - There are many huge stadiums, but do you know which is the biggest stadium in the world? It's Rungrado May Day Stadium in North Korea. Read this article and get information about some of the biggest sports stadiums around the globe. class="buzzlink" - Children and Sports - It is very important to understand the relationship between children and sports, and the impact of sports on children at a young age in their lives. Sports can help in many different way, but this should be handled carefully,... class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Commonwealth Games 2010 Medal Tally - The Commonwealth Games 2010 came to a spectacular end after 11 days of competition of the highest level between 71 countries and territories... class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - Most Popular Sports in the World - Have you always wondered which are the most popular sports played around the world? You might well be surprised to know the truth. Have a look... class="buzzlink" - Tetherball Rules - Though not very popular, tetherball is a great sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. Learn here about its rules, so that you too can enjoy this unique and interesting sport. class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - The International Blind Sports Federation - Visual impairments need not prevent people from participating in sports, and the International Blind Sports Federation ensures that they are represented. Let's see how... class="buzzlink" - History of NASCAR - Being the next most popular and viewed sport after professional football, NASCAR has a rich tradition in the United States of America. This article will attempt to give you a brief insight into the history of NASCAR. class="buzzlink"" readability="3 - Ringette, a Young Sport Gaining Ground - The game of ringette has been played for more than 40 years, but its popularity has exploded across Canada and continued around the world. More follows... class="buzzlink"" readability="2 - School Sports and Leisure Activities - Sports and leisure activities are an important part of schooling. They serve as breathers in the hectic school schedule that today's kids are burdened with. For more on this, read on.