Soy Tu "amor" By Paola Reina

The Disney Store currently only has Aurora and Maleficent ($34.95 each). Jakks Pacific has basic Aurora and Maleficent ($19.99 each), Coronation Aurora and Maleficent ($39.99 each), and also a Diaval figure that is available in a two-doll set with Coronation Maleficent. In this review, I will contrast the Jakks Pacific basic Maleficent with the Disney Store's version. The Disney's Store's new 12" Maleficent ($34.95). Before I get to either of the new dolls, I want to show you my older Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. I love that the Disney Store is still making dolls from this classic movie: She has a green, hinge-kneed body with the usual 13 points of articulation. Her outfit looks dramatic, but none of the jagged edges are finished. My doll doesn't get played with, so her dress still looks great, but I wonder how the edges hold up to lots of redressing and play? This doll is still available at the Disney Store for $14.95. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit A Maleficent Doll Comparison Review

It feels more like the vinyl on an American Girl--hard and smooth and difficult to bend. Her head rotates, but it can't be lifted up or down. The head tilts upwards as it rotates, but the angle is not too extreme: Amor's arms also have simple rotational movement. The arms angle away from the doll's body at her shoulders, and they have a small bend at the elbows. This arm shape makes it possible tweedle dee and tweedle dum doll for Amor to lift her hands up beside her head, but it can also make dressing a little tricky since the hands are rigidly spaced so far apart. There is a lot of detail in the shape of her lower arms and hands. She has dimpled, baby-like fingers and creased wrists that make me think perhaps she's supposed to be slightly younger than four or five. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Soy Tu "Amor" by Paola Reina