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Looking for a quick and simple Starcraft 2 Zerg guide that you can use to begin to own with the Zerg race? If you want to begin to swarm the enemy with the aliens, then this is the guide for you. Let's get into it!

Bling allows you to have two weapon attachments on any gun. But if you have no attachments unlocked or only 1 it would be a waste of a perk. Its very useful for unlocking attachments quickly and unmanned aerial systems gaining more xp.

When you purchase a hive nucleus, you get a queen and a few frames of worker bees with a small foundation. This will consist of three to five frames, which will give your hive a good start, but is a bit slower than if you purchase the entire colony.

Start your base off by walling in with a Barracks and getting a fast Factory. Make a few Hellions and go harass the Zerg mineral line to slow down his income and teching ability. Then add a Tech Lab onto your Starport, research cloak and make some Banshees. Do as much mineral harassment as possible with your Banshees; kill Queens, uav drone and key structures if you can.

Next is the Emergency Air Drop. This gives you 4 Care Packages which can really help out a team. It takes 8 kills to get and imagine you got a Harrier, Chopper Gunner, Predator Missile and Pave Low the other team would not stand a chance and the game would shortly be over. At 15 kills you can get an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) which disables Heartbeat Sensors, uav drone 's, enemy kill streak rewards and interferes with the enemies vision. This proves to be very beneficial for your team. It last's around a minute or so. So a good kill streak reward for your team would be: UAV, Emergency Air Drop and EMP.

This unit is largely applied late recreation because of to the actuality that it price 300 minerals and 200 vespene fuel to prepare. Although quite hefty, they can offer a large total of hurt to the enemy if properly utilized. Their splash hurt is pretty helpful versus air models as they can be all destroyed in just a handful of assaults.

Don't ever push too far too quickly. Slowly walk from cover to cover and you will see a few people run around the corners like they want to be killed. Pushing too quickly will also the enemy to spawn behind you and won't allow teammates to watch your back.